CinCraft CamBar

CinCraft CamBar is our camera-mounted sensor that captures raw data via the Scenario software. It's small, lightweight and includes an integrated IR emitter and synchronization technology to allow for tracking in most environments – indoors and outdoors, natural tracking or reflective marker tracking. The CamBar can be connected to CinCraft Origin directly or through CinCraft Link.

€ 4,490.00
Price excl. VAT

Technical Specifications

ConfigurationMultiple optical and inertial sensors including a pair of stereo cameras and IR LEDs that can be synchronized to an external source; 1 bar per camera
MountingMultiple mounting points consisting ⅜"-16 & ¼"-20 threads
PowerSupplied voltage from CinCraft Origin/ CinCraft Link 5V over USB-C, 3.3V and 12V-30V DC supplied by 7 pin Lemo without IR LEDs (3.5w) with IR LEDs (13w)
OperationConnects to CinCraft Origin or CinCraft Link
Dimensions150 x 55 x 55 mm
Weight0.62 Kg

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