ZEISS CinCraft Scenario
Supported Lenses

To offer high-quality tracking data, the ZEISS CinCraft Scenario camera tracking system requires certain information about the lenses used on the production – lens distortion and nodal point among others. CinCraft Scenario offers several methods of inputting this data into the system and the tracking procedure. On this overview page we take a closer look at the different methods and which lenses are supported through which approach.

ZEISS Virtual Lens Packages
Plug and Play
through lens data

ZEISS Virtual Lens Packages or VLPs are licensed packages containing all the lens calibration information needed for optimum operation. This means end users can simply add the lens to their system and be up and running in no time. In the overview below you will find the currently available VLPs. Additional ones will follow.

Pre-Calibrated Lens Templates
Small effort,
full accuracy

ZEISS offers pre-calibrated templates for a variety of non-ZEISS cinema and broadcast lenses. These come with lens distortion and nodal point already measured and included. Through the easy-to-use and wizard-guided Lens Template Finetuner, these templates can then be matched to the real lens that the production is using. This procedure takes up to 10 minutes for a prime and up to 20 minutes for a zoom lens – thereby saving about 50% of the time used for lens calibration. 


In addition, CinCraft Scenario allows users to load lens calibrations they had previously created in Ncam Reality. These will also have to go through the finetuning process before being tracking-ready.