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Camera Tracking
from ZEISS

Meet the only real-time camera tracking system that works indoors and outdoors, on film sets, with green and blue screens and in LED volumes. That uses natural markers, reflective markers, and even digital markers on LED screens. That provides camera tracking data for real-time use and records it for post-production. And that integrates lens characteristics to skip the cumbersome lens calibration process. Meet ZEISS CinCraft Scenario.

Indoors? Outdoors? Doesn't matter!

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario works in natural environments, on classical film sets, with green and blue screens and in LED volumes. With distinct operating modes that excel in different places, users can easily choose the mode that is best suited for their project. No other system has this flexibility.

Natural Feature Tracking

CinCraft Scenario’s biggest differentiator is natural feature tracking. This allows the system to be used anywhere where there is enough “detail” in the surrounding space, like for example brick walls, window frames and more. This is particularly useful outside or when shooting on sets that aren’t designed for virtual production.

Reflective Marker Tracking

CinCraft Scenario can track non-randomly placed reflective markers. The system’s infrared (IR) emitter allows the markers to be seen in the darkest of stages and the consistency of the markers allows for minimal operational support. On top of this, CinCraft Scenario software provides an interactive guide to ensure optimal marker placement when setting up.

Digital Marker Tracking

Through a powerful synchronization feature, CinCraft Scenario is able to work with "Frame Remapping" technologies that are used on LED wall setups. By using different frame rates, this technology allows for markers to be hidden from the main film camera on the LED wall.

VFX, Live Compositing, Virtual Production

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario provides camera tracking data for use in all major applications – no matter if it is for real-time or post-production workflows – adding yet another layer of flexibility.

Traditional VFX

CinCraft Scenario allows for recording the camera tracking data during the production phase and handing it over to post-production. Having tracking data available quickly and easily in post-production can significantly reduce time and effort – especially in matchmoving. That means that camera tracking is now a major benefit to all productions involving VFX.

Live Compositing

For live compositing for previsualization or in a virtual studio, CinCraft Scenario provides real-time camera tracking data to neatly replace the green or blue screen on site. For these applications, knowing about the camera position and movement is not only an added value but a must.

Virtual Production

As with live compositing, camera tracking is an absolute must for virtual production in LED volumes. Knowing how the camera and lens are moving and behaving is vital to correctly render the visual effects in real-time, that means getting the perspective and parallax right.

Works Just
Like a Charm

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario introduces a user experience designed to match the film crew's workflow. It works with regular off-the-shelf equipment and is natively compatible with major camera and lens encoder systems to provide all the data the system needs to track properly.

Plug and Play

The integration of the ZEISS CinCraft lens characteristics database in the form of Virtual Lens Packages allows to skip the cumbersome lens calibration process: CinCraft Scenario is plug and play when used with ZEISS and ARRI/ZEISS cinema lenses. Still, CinCraft Scenario will be usable with any lens.

Operation is a Breeze

CinCraft Scenario’s self-explanatory user interface and wizards guide the user for setting up the hardware configuration and tracking on a film set in every environment and scenario. Additional tutorials will help to educate operators, that are new to the system and make it easy to learn and master.

Supported Lenses
in ZEISS CinCraft Scenario
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Capturing, Computing, Connecting

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario comes as a combination of several hardware and software components. Users can configure the system to match their needs or choose one of four pre-configured bundles for different demands.

CinCraft CamBar - Overview

The camera-mounted camera bar captures raw data via the Scenario software. It's small, lightweight and includes an integrated IR emitter and synchronization technology to allow for tracking in different environments.

1. Right Imager
2. IR Projector
3. RGB Sensor
4. Left Imager
5. IR LEDs (10)
6. IMU Sensors (inside device)

7. BNC Sync Connector
8. USB-C Connector
9. Serial Connector

CinCraft Origin - Overview

The system’s center piece runs the Scenario software to set up and perform camera tracking. It aggregates raw data from CinCraft CamBar, computes position and movement in real-time and can save this data for post-production.

1. Antenna
2. Ethernet Connectors for CinCraft Link and LAN
3. USB 2.0 Ports
4. Display and HDMI Ports
5. Power In
6. Power Button

7. Antenna
8. SDI Video Out BNC Connector
9. SDI Video In BNC Connector
10. Encoders Port
11. CamBar Serial Port
12. CamBar USB-C Port

CinCraft Link - Overview

The small and lightweight device receives raw data from CamBar and transmits it over a wired network connection to Origin which is setup elsewhere. It can be rigged on the main camera instead of the Origin and helps keep the tracking hardware’s footprint to a minimum.

1. Status LED
2. Sync BNC In
3. Antenna
4. Ethernet Connector for CinCraft Origin
5. Power In

6. Encoders Port
7. CamBar Port
8. CamBar USB-C Port
9. Sync BNC Out
10. Power Indicator

Tracking, Recording, Exporting

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario is composed of several modular software components. Users can pick exactly what they need for their task at hand. The components are available as licenses on a one week, one month or one year basis.

CinCraft Scenario

The base software that operates the CinCraft Scenario system. It aggregates info received from CamBar to compute position and movement in real-time. It requires very little setup time and is plug and play when used with CinCraft Virtual Lens Packages.

Wrangler records real-time tracking data and camera and lens metadata on the CinCraft Origin's internal drive. Data is recorded with a proprietary file format (herd file) that can be extracted using CinCraft Export.

Export is a separate, free of charge software running on the VFX artists’ workstations. It translates recorded herd files into formats readable by most common post-production VFX software (Nuke, Maya, Unreal, etc.).

UE Connect provides an easy-to-configure interface to Unreal Engine, enabling the use of real-time tracking data provided by CinCraft Scenario. UE Connect is available for free via the Epic Marketplace.

CinCraft Scenario on Tour

Find events where you can get a live demo of CinCraft Scenario and talk to our experts.

  • FMX 2024

    April 23-26, 2024
    Haus der Wirtschaft
    Stuttgart, Germany


    June 27-29, 2024
    Motorworld Munich
    Munich, Germany

  • SIGGRAPH 2023

    August 8-10 (Exhibitions)
    Los Angeles Convention Center
    Los Angeles, CA

  • IBC SHOW 2023

    September 15-18
    RAI Amsterdam | Sony Booth, Hall 13
    Amsterdam, Netherlands


    October 6 & 7
    Trilith Studios Atlanta
    Atlanta, GA


    October 8-10
    Jio World Convention Centre


    November 11-18
    CKK Jordanki
    Toruń, Poland


    December 7, 2023
    CVP London
    London, UK

  • ISE 2024

    January 30-February 2
    Fira Barcelona, Gran Via | Sony Booth & VCI Booth
    Barcelona, Spain


    Februar 7-8
    Parc Floral de Paris
    Paris, France

  • BSC EXPO 2024

    February 15-17
    Battersea Evolution
    London, UK


    February 18-24, 2024
    The Westin Rancho Mirage
    Golf Resort & Spa
    Rancho Mirage, CA

  • NAB SHOW 2024

    April 13-17
    Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, NV

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